Technical Help


Kíni Àk<yc
(What is ÀK>YC?)

Zrz Dí| Nípa Ède Yorùbá
(About Yorùbá)

Ì xcnupe Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá pronunciation)

Gírámà a Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá grammar)

À wvn Òxìxc Àk<yc
(ÀK>YC Team)

Ì dúp}

Technical Help

Font installation:

In order to install the font for ĀK>YC website, follow the instructions carefully as below:

  • If you haven't already downloaded the Ariya Font, Click here to download a free copy of the font for Windows operating systems.
  • a) Upon pressing the above link, you will be prompted whether you want to save it. Press yes and be sure to note the directory where you save this file.

    c) Once you get yorubafont.zip in your pc, you need to unzip it using one of the Unzip utilities, which you can download for free from http://www.winzip.com. If you have Winzip already installed, double clicking the file yorubafont.zip should create folder called yorubafont and save a file called aria.ttf.

    d) Open control panel from Start > Settings > Control panel. Click on Appearances and subsequently the folder called Font. Then click on File in the menu and seelct "Install New Font".

    e) You should now use the browse button to locate the font you just unzipped.

    f) Upon selecting the folder, the font name Aria should appear in the righthand side box. Select it, and click install font.

    g) Upon successfull completion of the above steps, you should see the following text in Aria font: ĀK>YC

    h) If you don't see the above word with diacritics, repeat the instructions above carefully and try again.

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