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Kíni Àk<yc
(What is ÀK>YC?)

Zrz Nípa Yorùbá
(About Yorùbá)

Ìxcnupe Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá pronunciation)

Gírámà Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá grammar)

Àwvn Òxìxc Àk<yc
(ÀK>YC Team)


K>YC is a US Department of Education funded project (Grant # P017A030073). The K>YC Team owes gratitude to the following individuals and units that have made this project a success:

The UGA Office of Instructional Support and Development

AKOYE Production Assistants who worked tirelessly on the design and quality of the material used in the project:

  • Olsoj m󠠠 Olmd Zaka
  • Olld Olsnd頠 Omolol Adgk
  • Olny sbnjo

 The African Studies Institute Staff who provided the support needed to administer the grant and to facilitate the project logistics:

  • Ms. Amsale Abegaz
  • Ms. Loretta Davenport

Erin Miller, Elm Grafix, Athens, Georgia for graphics work.
Members of the Field of Yoruba language instruction who assisted in reviewing the website.

The Management and Staff of Harade Associates, Lagos, Nigeria who provided the administrative support for the video production:

The Staff of Ayo Babajide Productions, Ibadan, Nigeria who provided the technical support for the video production:

Other supporters who provided various forms of support toward the success of the project:

  • Chief Bamiji Ojo
  • Professor Francis Egbokhare
  • Dr. George Alao (INALCO, France)
  • Mr. and Mrs. Sanu
  • Mr. Olaolu Egberinde
  • Mr. Oyedeji Ojo
  • Ms. Seun Adeniran
  • Deaconess Faderera Ojo
  • Mrs. Oluremilekun Ojo
  • The Video Production Cast

VIDEO PRODUCTION CAST (Previous experience)

1. Wale Oyinlola-Michael
(Actor, Director, Writer & Motivational Speaker.
State Visit (1996): Director; The Barricade (1998): Director).

2. Omoladun Popoola a.k.a Mojirayo Adunni
(rl Oldnmar; Vj< n bz)

3. Adeola Situa.k.a Iya Eleja
(Jgun m; Ogun db)

4. Nafiu Olabayo a.k.a Alaska
(Baxzrun G; Crnd|d|)

5. Adewusi Morufu a.k.a Prince Murphy
(Jgun m; The Police)

6.Taofeek Abiolaa.k.a Kokumo
(Onjc Olwa; O k lej)

7. Toyin Olayiwola a.k.a Toyin Alagbo
(Jgun m; Ibi ay fojs)

8. Femi Dada a.k.a Benja Benja
(Ogun db; Ewe Ori jin)

9. Adebayo Ayeni a.k.a Baba Elemo
(gblk; Cf| Series)

10. Alhaji Arigbabuwo
(Jgun m; Ol j)

11. Oyedeji Ojo

12. Olaolu Egberinde

13. Seun, Niyi and Tomisin

14. Onanome Bridget Esigie

15. Mrs. Ayo Babajide

16. Staff of Ayo Babajide Productions

among others

© African Studies Institute, University of Georgia