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Kíni Àk<yc
(What is ÀK>YC?)

Zrz Nípa Yorùbá
(About Yorùbá)

Ìxcnupe Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá pronunciation)

Gírámà Ède Yorùbá
(Yorùbá grammar)

Àwvn Òxìxc Àk<yc
(ÀK>YC Team)


Kíni Àk<yc? What is ÀK>YC?

ÀK>YC is an acronym for ak<yege ède Yorùbá lórí crv kzmpútà

(Successful Yoruba learning on the computer)

WELCOME to ÀK>YC. This is your chance to learn Yorùbá through the computer. ÀK>YC is a multimedia course integrating the use of video, audio, and text. There will be three levels: elementary, intermediate, and advanced. The plan is to facilitate gradual learning of Yorùbá both in the traditional classroom and independently. The ÀK>YC team would like to help you achieve your proficiency in the language at your own pace. ÀK>YC is a content-based course divided into units. Each unit has a number of lessons, and exercises with accompanying helpful grammar and cultural notes.

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