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KIKO is a US Department of Education funded project (Grant # P17A000053). The KIKO Team owes gratitude to the following individuals and units that have made this project a success:

The UGA Office of Instructional Support and Development:

Dr. Joseph Harriman, Associate Director
        Mr. Steven Gamble, Instructional Resources Coordinator
        Ms. Michelle Estes, Education Program Specialist
        Mr. Robert (Bobby) Mitchell, Media Producer-Director

These individuals were instrument in coordinating the technical aspects of the project including video preparation for website input. Their support and expertise is invaluable.
KIKO Production Assistants whose hard work is evident in their contributions to the design and quality material used in the project:

Dr. Leonce Rushubirwa
        Ms. Sherehe Saiward
        Mr. Gilbert Werema
        Mr. Jason. Orril
Dr. Ahmed Shariff
The African Studies Institute Staff who provided the support needed to administer the grant and to facilitate the project logistics:

Ms. Rosemary Ferguson
         Ms. Amanda Wood
         Ms. Sara Ray

The African Studies Center Staff and The Language Resource Center, University of Pennsylvania for providing facilities and server space for KIKO website.

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