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This CD contains six units comprising a total of thirty six lessons covering a range of topics including "Meeting one another", "Knowing numbers", "Family", "Time", "Buying and Selling" and "Education". These lessons are intended to provide the students an illustration of Kiswahili culture and language with a set of conversations between native speakers of Kiswahili. The synchronized presentation of the three significant multimedia components of such as audio, video and text illustrate each of these speech contexts in a very comprehensive manner possible.


Every lesson is accompanied by a set of self-correcting exercises. These exercises can be used to test one's competence in each lesson, after going over it in a careful manner. Two types of exercises viz., self-correcting and teacher-correcting types are provided to ensure the learning in two different stages. The self-correcting exercises may be used as many times as one needs necessary, prior to answer questions in teacher-correcting exercises. Answers for the teacher-correcting exercises may be sent to the instructor by email, provided you have internet connection at the time of filling-in the answers. The answers can also be printed out and hand over to the instructors when internet connection is not possible.


Hyperlinks are provided appropriately enhancing an user-friendly navigation through various lessons. It is designed in such a way that in each stage, the user doesn't need to click more than three times to get to lessons or exercises. The blue navigation bar at the top provides relative locations of each page with respect to home.

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